X-ray Mapping

Moran Scientific offers cost effective, professional, complete analysis system for image capture and image processing to Quantitative X-ray Mapping.


X-ray mapping

X-ray mapping pseudo

Product Description

This package has all the standard X-ray mapping features you expect plus many more: The full spectrum is collected and saved at each pixel. Simultaneous display of up to 50 images (X-ray, electron or colour). Simultaneous electron and Quantitative X-ray images. Very fast Quantitation with automatic drift correction. Select up to 1024 points for quantitative analysis. Beam positioning anywhere on image (4K x 4K) for point analysis or line scans. Maps may be collected using Energy dispersive, Wavelength dispersive or Cathodoluminescence Spectrometers.

Image manipulation (flip, rotate, and filter). Easy setup of thresholds for colouring images. Produce true 24 bit colour images. Chemical Imaging includes Scatter Plots, Area analysis and Quantitation from X-ray maps. Allows up to 16Mb images to be stored to disk.

Collect images and X-Ray maps and then display them as a BSE image and zoomed individual X-Ray elemental images. Select any point on the image and show its respective elemental distributions.
Collect images and X-Ray line profiles, Then select any point on the line scan and show its respective elemental distributions.

Cut and Paste spectra, BSE and SE images and results into other applications or use our automatic report generation software. Standardised .BMP output. Any Windows software package can read it. On-line help facility. 2 year hardware guarantee. As part of this package see also Chemical Imaging.

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