Wavelength Dispersive Analysis

Moran Scientific offers Cost effective, professional, qualitative and quantitative WDS analysis packages. Simple element selection and complete control of your stage and spectrometers.


Qualitative and Quantitative WDS package


Wavelength Dispersive Spectrometry

Product Features

  • Superfast Automatic Analysis.
  • Control of 1 to 6 Spectrometers.
  • Automatic stage control. (1 to 4 motors)
  • Light, and Trace, element analysis.
  • Automatic Pulse Height Analysis with control of HT, baseline and window settings.
  • Automatic Filament saturation and Faraday cup control.
  • Wavelength and stage line scans.
  • Peak Integration (avoid Z height problems) or peak height measurement.
  • Combined EDS / WDS and X-ray Mapping.
  • Large area WDS X-ray Mapping.
  • Analysis files with up to 50 elements.
  • A complete on-line help, plus manuals and much more...

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