Report Generator

Moran Scientific Report Generator allows for the creation and editing of your analysis results. With this package writing reports and formatting your results can be done automatically, drastically reducing the time required for paper work.


Report Generator package


Report Generator

Product Features

  • Accepts results from MCA, XRM, Linescan, Full Spectrum, XRM Zoom, Pseudo Image and Quantitation.
  • Drag-drop Spectrum files, X-Ray maps, Images and Text files from Windows.
  • Display reports as full-screen slide show.
  • Easy image and template positioning and resizing.
  • Page thumbnail for overview of large scale work.
  • Easily manipulated templates for results from Moran Scientific programs.
  • Users can modify existing templates or create their own for automated formatted input.
  • Easy print and print preview of reports.
  • Print text transparently over images or spectrum.
  • Drag and drop pages to easily change report ordering.

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact Moran Scientific to discuss your requirements.