Image Capture

Moran Scientific offers a cost effective, professional, complete system for image capture and image processing.


Live Viewing and Electron Microscope Image Capture

Image Capture

Product Features

  • View 'live' images on screen and display images to resolution of 4096x4096 pixels.
  • Automatic focus, brightness, contrast and stigmator functions available.
  • Simultaneous display of up to 50 images using any type of EM image.
  • Image zoom and image enhancement.
  • Image manipulation (flip, rotate, and filter).
  • Easy setup of thresholds for colouring images. Pseudo colour and stereo imaging available.
  • Draw a line on the image across a feature of interest and determine length of the line. It is optional to have the Micron marker displayed.
  • Stored images easily accessible
  • Cut and Paste images into other applications for automatic report generation.
  • Standardised .BMP output. Any Windows software package can read it.
  • A complete on-line help, plus manuals and much more...

Any Questions?

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