Energy Dispersive Analysis

Moran Scientific offers cost effective, professional, qualitative and quantitative analysis packages. Simple element selection and data retrieval.

Detector Upgrades

Upgrade your old EDX / WDX Spectrometers to the latest technology or incorporate this fully integrated package into your new system. (We can offer you a range of EDS detectors, LN2 or LN2 Free. We can also advise on Detector choice according to your needs).



Multi Channel Analyser

Product Features

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Systems available.
  • Superfast quantitation
  • Automatic peak search and labelling for Quantitation setup.
  • Automatic Analysis. Quantitative results are updated as spectrum is acquired.
  • Analysis files with up to 99 elements.
  • Laptop or Desktop Computer Control.
  • Versatile calibration routine saving results to a log file, enabling the monitoring of drift conditions.
  • Easy to use spectral display and manipulation for printing.
  • Peak generation for spectrum stripping and comparison.
  • Spectrum and Integral normalisation and subtraction.
  • Elements not analysed for may be included in the analysis file e.g. B, O2, CO2 etc
  • Multiple label modes with user selectable edit, drag, fix, float, fonts and sizes.
  • Multiple KLM, keV and grid markers on printouts.
  • Cut and Paste spectra and results directly into reports.
  • A complete on-line help, plus manuals and much more...

Any Questions?

Please feel free to contact Moran Scientific to discuss your requirements.